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Illinois Budget Update – Governor Lays His Cards on the Table
Posted on: 2/16/2017

On Wednesday, Governor Rauner addressed both chambers of the General Assembly for his 2017 budget address. In his remarks to lawmakers, the governor outlined two proposed budget plans for Fiscal Year 2018. One contains spending reductions and additional revenue proposals – but with required reforms of his "Turnaround Agenda." He again reiterated the need for workers' compensation reform, which he believes is necessary to recruit and maintain businesses here.

The other budget plan would give the governor unilateral power to balance the 2018 budget; he is seeking this extra authority in case the legislature cannot come to a budget agreement. 

As lawmakers discuss the budget this week, frustration grows among physicians and others who have had to deal with the consequences of Illinois' fiscal problems.

The backlog of past due bills for Illinois, including billions owed for medical care provided through the State Employees Group Insurance Program (SEGIP), continues to swell in the midst of the 2018 budget negotiations. The governor commented on the need to reform employee contributions into the SEGIP program, but did not focus on the bill backlog. Efforts to develop a "grand bargain" in the state Senate were praised by the governor. In its current form, the senate plan includes proposals on a range of issues and would authorize borrowing to pay down the SEGIP backlog, which now dates back to June 2015.

ISMS has been active in monitoring these and other developments. Recently our Legislative Action Hub was updated to include information on our 2017 legislative priorities. Check "the Hub" for regular updates.

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