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Hola, Bonjour… Kamusta? Doctors Must Provide Translation Services if Needed by Patients
Posted on: 12/19/2016
See top non-English languages spoken in other states, compiled by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services.

If you receive federal funds, including payments under Medicare or Medicaid, you are obligated to ensure effective communication for patients with Limited English Proficiency (LEP). This requirement applies to all health care professionals.

Learn more with ISMS’ Foreign Language Interpreter Requirements, a medical legal guideline covering methods for providing effective communications, including who is financially responsible for translation services.

Failure to provide effective communication could lead to lawsuits

Interpretation services for non-English-speaking patients are not only necessary for securing an accurate diagnosis and developing a treatment plan, providing these services is required by law.

CTS LanguageLink, an ISMS Benefit Partner, can assist you with this growing trend by offering interpretation and translation services via conference call, video or on-site staff.

ISMS members receive a 30 percent discount on per-minute fees, with no monthly minimum and no sign-up fee.

Learn more.

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