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5 Reasons to Enroll in the PMP Right Now
Posted on: 12/1/2016

Have you been putting off enrolling in the Illinois Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP)? Here are five compelling reasons why now is the time to sign up for a free account and to begin using this online tool:

  1. To facilitate the renewal of your Illinois controlled substance license. For the first time, physicians will be asked to register in the PMP when they renew their controlled substance licenses next year. Renewal opens in late spring and concludes on July 31, 2017.

  2. To encourage your advanced practice nurses (APNs) and physician assistants (PAs) to use the PMP. Authorized mid-level health care professionals can access the PMP. However, state rules require that a collaborating/supervising physician to identify collaboration and supervision relationships with the PMP by completing the prescriptive authority section in the PMP.

    After you are enrolled, sign into the PMP and choose "PMP Collaborative Practice Agreement Registration" to delegate authority.

  3. To enhance your understanding of each patient's prescription history for therapeutic and clinical reasons.

  4. To help combat prescription drug abuse. Prescribers can use the PMP to check that opioid pain medication is not being overprescribed for their patients and to help curb "doctor shopping." Learn more with ISMS’ case study.

  5. To access information regarding your patients who have been certified for medical cannabis. Beginning next year, the Illinois Department of Public Health will be reporting medical cannabis certification status to the PMP. Medical cannabis may contraindicate certain medications, and the new reporting requirement ensures an additional level of safeguards for patients.

So register today for the PMP! Remember, there is no cost to enroll or to use the program.

Questions about the PMP? Call 217-524-1311 or submit a question online via the Question Form.

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