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'Doc the Vote' this November; Elect Doc-Friendly Candidates
Posted on: 8/18/2016

It seems like we can’t go an hour without a new development related to the upcoming presidential election. But let’s not forget about the important races that could significantly impact medicine right here in Illinois.


The Illinois State Medical Society Political Action Committee (IMPAC) is busy gearing up for the November 8 General Election, which is shaping up to be the most expensive election in Illinois history! 

There’s so much in play right now in Illinois – state budget woes, slow payments for Illinois physicians, and more, including:

  • Trial lawyers are trying to remove the confidentiality of hospital peer review meetings, allowing these proceedings and related documents to be discoverable in court. This appalling maneuver would not only impair our ability to improve patient care, but also dramatically increase lawsuits against physicians and hospitals.
  • Health insurance companies continue to control how you practice medicine by limiting physician choice and denying necessary care.
  • Allied health professionals and other groups want to inappropriately expand their scope of practice through legislation rather than through education and training, thus endangering our patients.

Let your voice be heard in Springfield by joining or renewing your IMPAC membership. IMPAC gives 100% of your contributions to candidates who protect you and your patients.

Whether you become a $200 Super Sustainer, join the $500 Club, or are able to enter the Chairman’s Circle with a $1,000 donation, your participation will protect the future of our profession by supporting medicine-friendly candidates for public office in Illinois.

The General Election is just around the corner, so now’s the time to make a difference!

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