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Multi-State Licensure is about to Get a Whole Lot Easier
Posted on: 8/16/2016

Advanced technology and telemedicine permeate all aspects of medicine, yet our licensure process was built for the era of house calls and the horse and buggy. That’s all about to change. Illinois will soon offer an expedited pathway for physicians to obtain medical licenses in other states. Last summer, Illinois joined with 17 states to form an Interstate Medical Licensure Compact.

In a nutshell, the licensure compact came into existence to help “fast track” the application process for physicians seeking licenses in multiple states, including less paperwork and reduced wait times for approvals. The Interstate Commission is ironing out the details for how the system works, but it should be operational soon.

For an early look at what’s to come, check out ISMS’ new Issue Brief, On the Horizon: An Expedited System for Multi-State Practice.

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