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When it Comes to Physician Advocacy in Springfield, ISMS Plays to Win!
Posted on: 8/5/2016

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The spring session of the General Assembly is over and a "stopgap" spending plan is in place, but we face a long road ahead. Gridlock and gamesmanship threaten the stability of our state and put us at risk for serious disruptions to medical care. Other interest groups seek to weaken professional standards, clear the way for frivolous lawsuits and hinder your ability to practice medicine.

In Illinois, nearly every legislative issue remains in play. To see how the dice is rolling, check out ISMS' legislative briefing brochure.

Even with our state’s many challenges, ISMS continues to be effective on your behalf, tackling dozens of issues in the legislature and elsewhere in state government. View our 2016 Update on ISMS Legislative Activity, detailing our advocacy on numerous issues related to network adequacy, medical cannabis, scope of practice, public health, insurance, Medicaid, workers’ compensation and much more.

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