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March 2016
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  • Relief for Practices Experiencing Payment Delays

    While our current budget situation has left a 15-month and $2.8 billion backlog of payments owed to health insurers and to physicians who treat state government workers and retirees covered in the State Employees Group Insurance Program (SEGIP), there is a small dose of good news.

    ISMS, along with Cigna, successfully advocated that the Rauner Administration use available funds from the Health Insurance Reserve Fund (HIRF) to begin to pay physicians and insurers a small portion of what is owed to them. The HIRF is a fund into which premiums paid by state employees are deposited and can only be used to pay the costs associated with health insurance. Comptroller Leslie Munger very recently began releasing those funds, which should provide some short-term relief.

    While a state budget for fiscal year 2016 has not been enacted, the governor’s office has indicated that it will work with practices adversely affected by unpaid SEGIP claims. ISMS will also work to facilitate meetings with members of the executive branch for these physicians and practices.

    If you or your practice is struggling as a result of unpaid SEGIP claims, you may wish to consider:

    1. Seeking assistance from the state certifying accounts receivable that can be used to access individual lines of credit.
    2. Contacting ISMS for help with this process according to your individual situation.

    Contact the ISMS Governmental Affairs team at 800-782-4767 or send an email to arrange a meeting with the state or share feedback on how the payment delays are impacting your practice.

    ISMS will keep you apprised of any new developments. Stay tuned!

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