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February 2016
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  • Need to Review Your Patient's Prescription History? Now that Data Can Be Retrieved from Your EHR!

    Knowing a patient's prescription history can enhance the safety and effectiveness of the care you provide. Illinois' Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) now offers a feature that automates prescription history inquiries, integrating access to the data within your EHR system.

    With this automated connection, physicians no longer need to visit the PMP website. The EHR system will retrieve the patient's prescription history directly from the PMP. Having this data available at your fingertips within your existing EHR will help you spend less time on the computer and more time with your patients.

    The PMP recently announced large systems such as the Springfield Clinic, Memorial Physician Services, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, and Northwestern Memorial Hospital are automating their PMP inquiries.

    Call the PMP support line at 217-524-2158 to discuss the feasibility of integrating this new function into your existing EHR system.

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