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October 2015
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  • Home for the Holidays? Time to Discuss Personal Decisions

    Experts say the November-December holiday season is an ideal time to start conversations with family members about their future health care wishes. Most people put off these talks, and the holidays have become one of the few times during the year when family members step away from busy schedules to be near loved ones.

    In addition to discussing advance directives with your own patients, suggest they discuss this sensitive topic with their families or with people they trust to make medical decisions on their behalf.  

    ISMS' free resource, A Personal Decision, is available to help patients start the conversation about advance directives. This booklet provides practical information, sample forms and guidance on advance directives, including:

    • Living wills
    • Power of attorney for health care
    • Mental health treatment preference declarations
    • Uniform DNR/POLST form
    • Organ donation

    Patients can learn more about completing advance directives by watching this ISMS YouTube Video. 

  • Special Member Benefit

    ISMS makes A Personal Decision available as a free download for anyone. However, ISMS members are eligible to receive up to 300 free print copies of the booklet, per year, to distribute to patients. If non-members were to purchase 300 copies, it would cost $225!

    Take advantage of this unique opportunity to serve your patients. To order your copies, please contact the ISMS Purchasing Department at 800-782-4767 or send an email.

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