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September 2015
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  • ISMS Helps Nix 'Physician Mandate' from Cytomegalovirus Legislation

    ISMS, along with the Illinois Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, achieved success in removing a physician mandate from House Bill 184. The legislation would have required physicians treating newborns who fail a hearing screening to test the infants for cytomegalovirus (CMV) within 21 days of birth, and provide the newborns’ parents with information on CMV-caused birth defects and treatment options.

    Instead of a mandate, ISMS supported the creation of a public education campaign to inform women who are pregnant or may want to become pregnant about the virus.

    ISMS supported the amended bill, which Governor Rauner recently signed into law. As enacted, House Bill 184 mandates hospitals to fulfill certain requirements if a newborn fails two initial hearing screenings, including providing information to parents about CMV and offering testing prior to discharge. 

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