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August 2015
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  • ISMS Blocks Unsafe Rules Concerning Raw Milk

    ISMS advocacy led to the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR) unanimously rejecting proposed rules that would have put the general public’s health at risk.

    ISMS stopped these proposed rules, which would have:  

    • Greatly expanded the location where raw milk could be sold and would have allowed the retail sale of raw milk in population centers.
    • Increased the maximum allowable somatic cell count up to a whopping 750,000 from 400,000. Somatic cell counts are a direct indicator of the health of the animal producing the milk and an indirect indicator of the presence of disease-causing microorganisms in unpasteurized milk. 

    We will also continue to advocate that campylobacteriosis, a bacterium most related to illness from the consumption of unpasteurized milk, be mandated as a reportable disease. 

    This win is an example of how ISMS advocacy crosses the policy spectrum. Legislative activity often garners the headlines, but the “sausage making” that occurs during regulatory rulemaking can significantly affect physicians and public health. ISMS is a vigilant watchdog in this arena. 

    Thanks to ISMS member Rashmi K. Chugh, MD, and the Northern Illinois Public Health Consortium for their assistance with this action.

    Read ISMS' letter to JCAR

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