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July 2015
In this Issue

  • Highlights of ISMS Legislative Wins

    • Prevented trial lawyers from repealing the Medical Studies Act and removing confidentiality of hospital peer review meetings

    • Influenced landmark opioid legislation, strengthening patient safeguards while protecting physicians from onerous mandates and restrictions.

    • Blocked a mandate on physicians to provide estimates of patients’ health care costs and act as insurance navigators for the patient.

    • Protected physicians’ ability to charge fees for copying medical records in connection with claims or appeals filed under the Social Security Act.

    • Passed legislation allowing Illinois to join the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact, giving Illinois physicians access to expedited licensure in other member states.

    • Stopped proposals to inappropriately expand IDFPR’s authority and automatically suspend physician licenses, preserving due process in medical discipline.

    • Instituted a requirement that workers at child care facilities must be vaccinated against vaccine-preventable diseases.

    • Ensured access to and reimbursement for breast cancer screenings.

    • Removed a mandate that physicians test newborns who fail hearing screenings for cytomegalovirus (CMV), instead supporting a public education campaign.

    • Allowed team physicians from other states to care for traveling sports teams.

    • Secured proper reimbursement for services rendered by surgical assistants.

    • Clarified and improved mental health reporting requirements under Illinois’ concealed carry law, which had been unfair to patients and burdensome for physicians.

    Created a Certificate of Religious Exemption from immunizations, ensuring that parents receive accurate information on the risks of vaccine-preventable diseases.

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