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June 2015
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  • Even as Medical Care Changes, Organized Medicine Still has Your Back

  • ISMS President
    Scott A. Cooper, MD

    Medicine, perhaps more than any other field, is in a state of constant change. The ways we interact with patients, the technologies we use, how care is reimbursed, how we work and (for some of us) who we work for are all vastly different from a generation ago. I know that many of us are still not comfortable with the notion of emailing a patient; yet, for some, it’s now commonplace to video chat on your smartphone.

    As medical care advances, our medical societies adapt. Your state and county medical societies strive to look ahead, anticipate your needs, and evolve – without losing touch with the traditions of our profession.

    I’m a proud member of the Lake County Medical Society (LCMS). There is something for everyone in my county.  Most of our local elected officials have rotated through the LCMS “Mini-Internship Program.” This is an opportunity for policymakers to shadow an LCMS member and gain firsthand perspective on a day in the life of a doctor.  LCMS also facilitates opportunities to meet our local lawmakers in small group settings. Then there are the many after-hours events throughout the year that allow us to gather and socialize. As someone who works regular “shifts” in various emergency departments, I appreciate these less formal opportunities to meet doctors who are now part of my referral network. Practice management professionals also benefit from LCMS events especially designed for them, and practical services such as document shredding days. 

    My membership with LCMS complements my ISMS membership. You may notice changes in ISMS offerings. A decade ago you’d be reading this column after retrieving the ISMS newsletter from your mail box. Now you are likely to be reading it as part of your morning email review. According to ISMS statistics, there is a one in five chance that you are reading this on your phone.

    One  feature of ISMS that hasn’t changed is our singular focus on legislative, legal and payer advocacy. In the June 12 issue of Physician Advocate you’ll find a legislative update highlighting health care issues from the Illinois General Assembly. More in-depth analysis and updates on the session will be coming your way soon. We have also scored a significant victory in the courts recently, preserving fairness in a physician’s ability to collect on a health care lien in a civil case. Click here for more information on that win. Lastly, I can’t overstate the importance of our work in the payer advocacy arena. With so many changes occurring to reimbursement models, ISMS is providing more Illinois-focused advocacy news to help our members stay informed. Our recap of the recent MACRA law is just one example.  

    Of course, we rely on your input to make sure our efforts are meeting your needs. Please email me at DrCooper@isms.org if you need assistance or have an idea on how ISMS can better support your practice. 

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