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  • Action on Medial Practice Act, Anatomic Pathology Billing Anticipated for Fall Veto Session

    The 98th General Assembly will convene on November 19, poised to consider legislation vetoed by Governor Quinn, and various other topics.

    Check out these highlights of legislative issues important to doctors.

    > The Medical Practice Act

    The Medical Practice Act will sunset Dec. 31, 2014, requiring an extension. Previous extensions have been limited to one or two years. ISMS is reviewing minor changes to the Act as proposed by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR). It is not clear at this time if any changes to the Act will be allowed by legislative leaders, other than extension of the sunset.

    > Anatomic pathology billing practices

    An initiative of the Illinois Society of Pathology, S.B. 1630 imposes restrictions and guidelines on physicians who order and bill for anatomical pathology services, but do not perform the test.

    ISMS remains neutral on both S.B. 1630 and the amendatory veto changes proposed by Governor Quinn last August, which ensure that physicians will not be prevented from sending a patient's specimen to any laboratory that provides anatomic pathology services and that IDFPR has the right to discipline any physician found to be in violation of this law. We anticipate that the sponsors of this bill will file motions to override the govenor's amendatory veto. Stay tuned!

    For the latest, log on to the ISMS Legislative Action Hub. Also, watch for coverage in future editions of Physician Advocate.

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