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  • Mid-Term Elections Yield Victories for Illinois Physicians, Patients

    Your membership in the Illinois State Medical Society - and, for many physicians, membership in the ISMS Political Action Committee (IMPAC), means that you take part in ensuring physicians' voices are heard when it comes to policy decisions affecting your practice and your patients. With Bruce Rauner's victory as Illinois' new governor, a significant transformation lies ahead in Illinois government. Mr. Rauner is known to be a friend of medicine, and you can be assured that physicians' concerns and input will be heard as decisions are considered and implemented.

    Another major win for physicians is the retention of 5th District Illinois Supreme Court Justice Lloyd Karmeier, who fended off a forceful attack from Illinois plaintiff lawyers. Justice Karmeier tipped over 60 percent of the vote required for retention. (The 5th District includes 32 counties comprising the southern one-third of Illinois.)

    IMPAC also helped to elect multiple individuals to the Illinois General Assembly who will advocate for physicians; only one IMPAC-supported candidate failed to win, Democratic State Senator Mike Jacobs of Rock Island who consistently supported physicians on tort reform.

    ISMS has long pursued partnerships in government - on both sides of the aisle - and works throughout the year with lawmakers to advance your best interests by reviewing hundreds of bills that affect health care in Illinois. Bad bills are often quashed before they go anywhere, and bills that are in the best interests of you and your patients are advanced due to our lobbying efforts. Be assured that your ISMS membership and IMPAC contribution are critical to our success in maintaining Illinois as a viable state in which to practice medicine!

    Learn the latest results on judge retentions and judicial elections at the Illinois Civil Justice League (ICJL)'s webpage.

    Thank you for your ISMS membership and your continued commitment to IMPAC!

    Questions? Please contact Erin O'Brien by email or at 312-580-6488.

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