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June 2014
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  • Gov. Takes Action on Anatomic Pathology Billing Practices Legislation

    heartbeat-SpringfieldAn initiative of the Illinois Society of Pathology (S.B. 1630) to impose restrictions and guidelines on physicians who order and bill for anatomical pathology services, but do not perform the test, cleared both chambers during Illinois' spring legislative session. Pathologists had concerns that such billing practices led to inappropriate mark-ups of the charges and violated laws that prohibit fee splitting and billing for services that were not performed. (Medicare and Medicaid do not permit such billing.)

    Several medical specialty societies oppose S.B. 1630. They believe indirect billing practices save patients and insurers considerable costs for in-network services, especially when the laboratory may be out-of-network.

    On August 5, Governor Quinn used his amendatory veto power to ensure that, under the proposed bill, physicians will not be prevented from sending a patient's specimen to any laboratory that provides anatomic pathology services. The governor also gave the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation the right to discipline any physician found to be in violation of the law. ISMS remains neutral on both S.B. 1630 and the amendatory veto changes proposed by the governor.

    Over a three-year period, ISMS held meetings to resolve differences between the pathologists, who supported restrictions to the billing practices as included in S.B. 1630, and the medical specialty groups who wanted the billing arrangements to remain the same. An acceptable compromise could not be achieved.  

    Read the governor's message.

    Insulin injection allowed in public  

    An ISMS initiative (S.B. 3149) is now law: In any location, a person with diabetes may self-administer insulin, or a parent or legal guardian may administer insulin to their children. 

    Change enacted to blood bank bill

    S.B. 3077, also an ISMS initiative, makes a technical change to the Illinois Clinical Laboratory and Blood Bank Act. The new law updates the reference to physician assistants from "practicing under written guidelines" to "practicing with a written supervision agreement," as is specified in the Physician Assistants Licensing Act.

    Learn more at the Legislative Action Hub.

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