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June 2014
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  • Mitigate Medical Record Risk with Duo of Upcoming Webinars

    Because the laws surrounding medical records authorization and retention are updated regularly, it's nearly impossible to know at any given time if your practice is in compliance.

    That's where we come in. 

    Upcoming Webinar storyTwo upcoming webinars, co-sponsored by ISMS and ISMIE Mutual, will provide physicians with detailed information regarding the latest of what these laws require.

    CME is available and both webinars are offered at no charge to ISMS members and their staffs, and to ISMIE policyholders and their staffs. Policyholders may also earn a 1% premium discounts upon successful completion of a post-test. ISMIE policyholders may also earn a 1% premium discounts upon successful completion of a post-test.

    Medical Records FAQs Part 1 will be held on July 15, 2014, from noon to 1 p.m. and covers what constitutes a medical record, who may authorize the release of a medical record, what the law says about releasing medical records, and when it's necessary to have specific authorization for certain types of medical records, such as mental health records.

    You'll also learn about:

    • The authorization needed to comply with a subpoena or a court order.
    • When the law will allow release of a medical record without prior authorization.
    • What information must be released for a workers' compensation claim.

    Register for Part 1.

    Medical Records FAQs Part 2 will be held on Aug. 12, 2014, from noon to 1 p.m. and will discuss what action to take when you receive a request for medical records, including how much of the medical record needs to be released, what the time frame is for releasing a properly authorized medical record, what your practice can charge for copying a medical record, and circumstances under which you can withhold the release of a medical record.

    Also covered:

    • What the law requires when releasing medical records of minors or deceased patients. 
    • What you need to do if your records are destroyed, lost or stolen, or if a physician leaves the practice.
    • How records should be stored and for how long.

    Register for Part 2.

    Both webinars can be taken from your home or office. Questions? Contact the ISMS Division of Health Policy Research and Advocacy via email or call or 800-782-4767 ext. 1470.

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