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June 2014
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  • Illinois Delegation Chalks up Wins at Annual AMA Policy Meeting

    Your Illinois Delegation worked hard on your behalf at this month's 2014 AMA House of Delegates. In addition to sharing the Illinois perspective and shaping the national dialogue, our team achieved success on many of its submitted resolutions.

    A few highlights:

    Utilizing Private Sector Physicians to Help Solve VA Crisis (231)

    Illinois' delegation backed a proposal asking the AMA to support allowing veterans to receive medical care at private-sector facilities as the VA reduces its massive backlog of patients waiting for care.

    The resolution also calls on Congress to act quickly on a long-term solution, ensuring that our veterans will receive the care they need in a timely fashion.

    Regulation of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) (511)

    The Illinois delegation was successful in urging the AMA to advocate for a broad range of regulations concerning ENDS cartridges, commonly known as "e-cigarettes."

    The regulations address the minimum purchasing age and the advertising, promotion and sponsorships of ENDS as these devices deliver an unknown concentration of nicotine and are a proven gateway for minors to use actual tobacco products.

    Cheerleading as a Sport (BOT 9)

    Thanks to the resolution submitted by ISMS back in 2013, the AMA now officially designates cheerleading as a sport. After a year of deliberating, the AMA concluded cheerleaders should have the same safety precautions as any other "sport," such as football, baseball and basketball.

    These measures include the proper training of coaches, avoidance of inappropriate surfaces and adherence to rules for the proper execution of stunts.

    Read a full report on all Illinois resolutions presented at the AMA meeting.

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