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May 2014
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  • Life Preserver: Resources for Taking the EHR Plunge

    Dipping your toe into the pool of electronic health records (EHRs) within a large health system or hospital may prompt you to send out an S.O.S.

    To navigate this potentially overwhelming process, dive in to two new ISMS Issue Briefs that address EHRs, portals and data sharing agreements. The first document explores these topics in depth; the second provides a brief overview and contains a resource list.

    No doubt about it, participating in a large system EHR can mean cause for concern: loss of data control, accessibility of records by other parties, weakened data integrity and new expenses related to technical support.

    On the flip side, many independent physicians opting to subscribe to health system or hospital EHR platforms recognize advantages: lower up-front costs, assistance with converting charts from paper to electronic, access to system-based test results and studies, ease of care transitions and fewer concerns about maintenance and upkeep.

    Ensure that your leap to a new EHR platform will result in better communication with physician colleagues, hospital systems and patients. Learn more about the considerations of sharing information and medical records through an EHR system by accessing these Issue Briefs - for members only - today.

    For more information on this topic, please contact the ISMS Division of Health Policy Research and Advocacy at 800-782-4767 ext. 1470 or send an email.

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