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  • Illinois Delegation Heads to Annual AMA Policy Meeting

    The American Medical Association's 2014 House of Delegates kicks off this weekend, where delegates from the Prairie State and across the country will shape health care policies on a wide range of topics and issues that affect medical practice and patient care.

    Your Illinois Delegation to the AMA will be hard at work June 7-11 in Chicago presenting 15 resolutions referred to the AMA by the ISMS House of Delegates, which met in April.

    Here is a sampling of the resolutions:

    Medication Management in Assisted Living Facilities (201)

    The vast majority of residents in assisted living and sheltered care facilities suffer with varying degrees of dementia and, therefore, are at risk for serious adverse events from improper management and intake of their medications.

    Because there is no federal mandate that medication management in these facilities is the responsibility of the organization and its staff, ISMS urges the AMA to create a national policy in support of medication management by appropriately trained staff at these facilities.

    National Nutritional Guidelines for Food Banks and Pantries (413)

    Food banks and pantries are regulated only to ensure that the food dispensed is safe for consumption, not that it is nutritious or part of a healthy diet. Therefore, ISMS urges the AMA to adopt policy in support of the use of existing national nutritional guidelines by food banks and food pantries.

    Regulation of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) (511)

    ENDS cartridges, commonly known as "e-cigarettes," deliver an unknown and variable concentration of nicotine to the end user and have been demonstrated as a gateway for minors to begin using actual tobacco products.

    ISMS urges the AMA to support a broad range of regulations concerning ENDS, including legislation to address the minimum purchasing age, as well as the advertising, promotion and sponsorships of ENDS.

    View the resolutions

    In our next edition of Physician Advocate, watch for a wrap-up on the status of the Illinois resolutions presented at the AMA meeting. 

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