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  • ISMS-backed bills headed to the Governor's desk for signature

    The 98th spring legislative session of the Illinois General Assembly has adjourned, marked by key wins for Illinois physicians and patients. Here's a recap of actions we fought for on your behalf.

    • Modifications to the Statutory Short Form Power of Attorney for Health Care (S.B. 3228) Currently, college-level reading comprehension is required to understand the form. With ISMS changes, the form will read at the high school level and will be more accessible to our patients.

    • Updates to the Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (POLST) DNR form (S.B. 3076) Our changes streamline the form and authorize delegated physician assistants, nurse practitioners and second-year medical residents to sign the order, which is expected to lead to wider use of the POLST/DNR form.

    • Protection for diabetic patients administering insulin in public (S.B. 3149) ISMS-backed legislation codifies diabetic patients' rights to self-care and treatment in public settings.

    • Financial support for the Illinois Poison Center This important resource for physicians and patients was in danger of closing due to an unreliable state funding stream. Financial support was allocated to the Center, guaranteeing it will remain open.

    • Elimination of licensure fees for retired physician volunteers (H.B. 4593) Physicians who no longer accept payment for treatment will be eligible to apply for a no-fee license if they choose to see patients on a volunteer basis at a public health or free clinic. At least 500 licenses will be available at no-cost.

    • Increased access to telehealth (S.B. 647) Health plans that provide coverage for telehealth services are prohibited from creating barriers to accessing telehealth. Co-payments and deductibles for telehealth services shall not exceed those charged for the same services delivered through in-person consultation.

    More: Click to view scope of practice bill update.

    For an in-depth look at ISMS legislative priorities and to monitor bill signings, be sure to visit the ISMS Legislative Action Hub.

    Questions? Contact the ISMS legislative team via email or call 800-782-4767.

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