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  • Scope legislation falls victim to strong defense

    In addition to advancing initiatives, ISMS effectively blocked inappropriate scope-of-practice expansions:

    • Clinical psychologists with dangerously low levels of education and training sought authority to prescribe psychotropic drugs. Due to strong opposition from ISMS, significant changes were made to strengthen the biomedical education and clinical training requirements for prescribing clinical psychologists; to require a written collaborative agreement with a practicing physician who treats mental illness; to bar psychologists from prescribing to minors, the elderly, pregnant women or disabled individuals; and to prevent psychologists from prescribing benzodiazepines, narcotics or any Schedule II controlled substances.

      Kudos to the IPS, AMA for galvanizing physicians’ voices!

      ISMS worked shoulder-to-shoulder with the Illinois Psychiatric Society to successfully push back the dangerous proposal. A generous grant from the American Medical Association bolstered lobbying efforts and was key to successfully limiting this scope of practice

    • Dentists sought the authority to administer vaccines, including HPV, shingles, influenza, and Hepatitis B immunizations, to anyone 10 years of age and older. ISMS advocacy ensured that dentists may only administer flu vaccines, and only to adults.

    • Pharmacists sought the authority to vaccinate patients between the ages of 10 to 13 with the meningococcal vaccine. Documentation issues make it difficult for physicians, who are subject to strict quality and outcome measurements, to determine whether appropriate vaccinations have been given; pharmacists are not subject to these measurements. ISMS opposition helped prevent this bill from advancing.

    • Naturopaths again sought licensure as "naturopathic physicians," under the same provision of the Medical Practice Act that licenses chiropractors, who are allowed to treat human ailments without the use of drugs or operative surgery. Thanks to continued ISMS opposition, the proposal did not advance.

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    For an in-depth look at ISMS legislative priorities and to monitor bill signings, be sure to visit the ISMS Legislative Action Hub.

    Questions? Contact the ISMS legislative team via email or call 800-782-4767.

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