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Psychologist Prescribing

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  • Bill Allowing Psychologists to Prescribe Psychotropic Drugs Must be Stopped

    S.B. 2187, which would allow psychologists to prescribe powerful psychotropic drugs, could be considered by the full House any day now.

    This legislation:

    • Will not increase access to mental health services in underserved areas as its proponents claim.   
    • Represents a legislative vs. education approach to allow psychotherapeutic prescribing privileges. 
    • Increases physician liability by making physicians liable for the acts and omissions of the psychologists pursuing prescriptive authority.

    Proper training inadequate as outlined in bill

    The clinical training requirement under the measure, which provides for a two-year conditional prescription license supervised by one physician, is impractical at best and likely impossible. No other health care professional is trained in this way, especially those who may prescribe medication. Real clinical training programs involve multiple health professionals who educate and expose trainees to all types of patients in a variety of medical settings, especially in all hospital units, including the emergency room. Real medical residency programs require a number of specific components used to evaluate students. This legislation fails to deliver any of these essential and basic training modules. 

    Call to action: Urge your state representative to oppose S.B. 2187, which would allow psychologists to prescribe psychotropic drugs.

    Read the full ISMS legislative alert and look up your representative.

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