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Home Healthcare and Durable Medical Equipment Prosthetic and Orthotic Suppliers

    • DMEPOSDiscerning the Legitimacy of Requests and Understanding Order Completion Requirements

      The Illinois State Medical Society routinely receives inquiries from physicians on the requirements for completion of orders from home healthcare and durable medical equipment prosthetic and orthotic suppliers (DMEPOS). Requests for orders are often faxed or mailed to practices from unknown organizations making it difficult to track who is asking for the order, which often includes a request for patient medical records. To understand what's required of physicians, one must be familiar with the regulations pertinent to the requests, the agencies responsible for vetting the home healthcare and durable medical equipment suppliers, and any limitations placed on physicians via the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA). Armed with this knowledge, physicians will be able to better assess the legitimacy of the requests.

      Regulatory Aspects of Home Healthcare and DMEPOS

      The Medicare Improvements for Patients Protection Act (MIPPA) placed home healthcare and DMEPOS agencies through vetting processes for participation in the Medicare program. These requirements were reinforced by the Patient Protection & Affordable Healthcare Act (PPACA), which set into place protocols to curtail fraud and abuse in the Medicare system.


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