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Top Physician Services from athenahealth, Bank of America
Posted on: 7/12/2013

Enough paper cuts! Switch to digital files today

Would organizing your practice's paper-based documents be easier if there were less of them? If so, contact athenahealth today and begin the transition to a digital office to save time and reduce hassles with online billing procedures, convenient electronic health records - and yes, fewer filing cabinets bursting from paper overload.

Practices with 100 percent ISMS membership are eligible for a 6 percent discount on athenaCollector®, a physician billing and practice management software. 

athenahealth is one of our ISMS Benefit Partners.

Custom financial services abound at Bank of America

Bank of America understands the unique financial needs of medical practices and offers specialized services whether your office is long established, going through change or just getting started.

Want more info? Start here or call 800-497-6076 to talk to a representative today, or request assistance if you're already a Bank of America customer.

Bank of America is an ISMS Benefit Partner, and members are eligible for reduced administration fees.

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