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Latest Lessons from the Field Covers HIV/AIDS
Posted on: 5/1/2013

Pop quiz time: In Illinois, who is required to have an HIV test?

  1. Illinois law doesn't require anyone to have an HIV test.
  2. Any adults who are getting married or entering into a civil union.
  3. Anyone entering the military and anyone convicted of certain sexual offenses.

Not sure? Check out the most recent installment of ISMIE Mutual's Lessons from the Field focusing on HIV/AIDS. This issue's case study addresses how a lack of a test tracking system resulted in a false HIV-positive diagnosis. You'll learn about Illinois' HIV/AIDS reporting requirements and how EHRs actually reduce medical errors among HIV patients.

Additionally, Catherine Creticos, MD, the associate medical director at Howard Brown Health Center which serves Chicago's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, provides insights on addressing patient non-compliance, privacy, follow-up and education for AIDS/HIV+ patients.

In case you missed the first two installments, Lessons from the Field are archived on ISMIE's website. ISMIE policyholders: Watch for new topics delivered directly to your email inbox in the coming months.

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