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Illinois Physicians Deliberate, Debate and Shape the Future of Medicine
Posted on: 5/3/2013

The 2013 ISMS House of Delegates and Annual Meeting convened in Oak Brook last week. Over the long weekend, more than 200 physician participants from around the state deliberated and discussed member-submitted resolutions, determined ISMS policy and elected officers and trustees. Eldon A. Trame, MD, an internist from downstate Belleville, was elected president.

The delegates debated more than 40 resolutions covering a range of topics including electronic prescribing of controlled substances, basic life support knowledge and skills for physicians, new pathways for ISMS and county member participation, elimination of the Independent Payment Advisory Board, diagnostic imaging and more.

Special guests included the presidents of state medical associations from six states. Albert Osbahr, MD, trustee, American Medical Association, was in attendance, along with a number of guests from various specialty societies.

Saturday's CME luncheon, sponsored by ISMIE Mutual, was a rousing success and featured John Milner, MD, who captivated the physician audience with his informative and inspiring presentation about kidney transplantation and the advent and continued success of donor kidney chains/exchanges. Dr. Milner's slide show is available online for ISMS members.

Reference committee reports are posted online, with resolution status reports to follow on a rolling basis as implementation occurs.

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