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Be Wary of Marketing Ploys for Foreign Drugs
Posted on: 5/1/2013

Physicians in Illinois are at risk for discipline, and patients are at risk for substandard health care when foreign-manufactured drugs in violation of state and/or federal law enter the market.

Among the concerns when drugs of unknown origin appear in the United States are improper labeling (perhaps with inadequate directions or warnings), potential toxicity, absence of active ingredients and lack of FDA approval.

Just last month the U.S. States Attorney for the Western District of Missouri issued a news release announcing that an Illinois business owner is under indictment for a $3 million scheme to sell foreign versions of Botox. In addition, the Medical Association of Georgia expressed concern when physicians in that state received solicitations to purchase imported injectable drugs.


  • Don't be lured into purchasing low-priced prescription drugs emanating from foreign lands; doing so will put you at risk for violating federal and state laws.
  • When contemplating a "bargain" purchase, and if in doubt about legalities, consult your attorney.
  • Use extreme caution with your purchasing decisions - your patients' lives depend on it!

Questions? Contact the ISMS Advocacy Team or call 800-782-4767 ext. 1470.

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