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More Funds Sweeps by State Exposed; Chorus of Outrage Growing
Posted on: 3/1/2013

At press time, despite ISMS' determined efforts, the Medical Disciplinary Fund crisis slogs on. The bill most recently under consideration by the Illinois House of Representatives does not return the previously swept $8 million to the Medical Disciplinary Fund and holds docs accountable for paying back the swept fund through hefty medical licensure fee increases.

Now, investigative reporting has revealed the practice of fund sweeping to a degree that one Illinois lawmaker calls a "moral failure on the part of the state."

Highlighted in the report is the debacle surrounding efforts by the state to refuel the Medical Disciplinary Fund on the backs of physicians, along with ISMS' response to the state's ill-conceived legislative efforts to do so.

The exposé also notes that from check-off donations to health charities, to gas taxes and veteran's support - all have been looted by the state to cover other expenses. So while physicians are being targeted, they aren't the only group among the vulnerable. All taxpayers must hold state government accountable for maintaining fiscal responsibility.

See the Legislative Action Hub for updates on the Medical Disciplinary Fund shortfall.

We're all in this together.

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