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Dangerous Scope of Practice Bills Introduced in Springfield
Posted on: 3/1/2013
Numerous scope of practice bills have been introduced in the General Assembly Spring Session. ISMS strongly opposes these harmful bills and is working hard to advocate for Illinois physicians and protect Illinois patients.

Independent Practice for Advanced Practice Nurses – S.B.73 and H.B. 1052 would allow all types of advanced practice nurses, including certified nurse anesthetists, to provide medical care completely independent of physicians. Current Illinois law emphasizes a team approach in patient care, requiring physician input and collaboration.

Direct-Entry Midwives – H.B. 1194 would allow individuals who receive little to no medical training to provide unsupervised home birthing services by licensing direct entry midwives as "certified professional midwives" (CPMs).

CPMs do not consider obstetrical care to be medical care, yet H.B. 1194 would allow them to perform histories and physicals, provide prenatal care, dispense drugs, treat hemorrhages and other emergencies, and treat the infant and woman postpartum. All of these activities are medical in nature and should only be performed by the professionals who are adequately trained to do so.

H.B. 1194 is a step backward, as it would allow the least trained individual to independently provide one of the most critical services to women in Illinois.

Colon Hydrotherapist Licensing Act – (S.B. 1651) is an attempt by non-medically trained individuals to provide a service that is medical in nature. The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) has determined that only physicians should offer this service. This is an attempt to bypass IDFPR's objections.

Licensure of Naturopathic Physicians – S.B. 1168 would license "naturopathic physicians" under Illinois' Medical Practice Act and allow them to provide many aspects of primary care to Illinois patients. Naturopaths are not adequately educated and trained to care for patients as medical physicians do, and there is little research on the scientific validity of their treatments, which is focused on botanical medicine and homeopathy.

Dentists to Administer VaccinationsS.B. 1217 would allow dentists to administer vaccinations upon completion of "appropriate training" on how to address contraindications and adverse reactions.

The requirement for additional training is inadequate and will not protect patients, especially those who suffer from chronic illnesses, experience allergic reactions and/or those who are on other drugs that may negatively interact with an immunization.

Prescriptive Authority for Psychologists– S.B. 2187 would allow psychologists, who receive very little medical training, to prescribe mind-altering psychotropic drugs for patients suffering from mental, emotional and psychological illnesses.

Illinois is one of 48 states that currently prohibit psychologists from prescribing drugs. Allowing professionals without medical training to prescribe dangerous psychotropic drugs will put patients at risk.

Stayed informed on all these bills by visiting ISMS' Legislative Action Hub.


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