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New Laws on the Health Care Front for 2013
Posted on: 2/1/2013

Illinois kicked off 2013 with close to 150 new laws on the books. Here are several that are of importance to Illinois physicians.

Alzheimer's Disease (H.B. 4548/PA 97-768): Creates an Alzheimer's Disease Assistance Plan and an advisory committee to hold public meetings throughout the state, and to use webcasts and online surveys to get feedback from patients and health care professionals.

Elder Abuse Records (H.B. 5266/PA 97-864): Expands the list of persons and agencies that have access to all records generated as the result of a report of elder abuse, neglect, financial exploitation or self-neglect investigations.

Group Healthcare Purchasing (S.B. 2885/PA97-715): Changes the law under which health insurance co-ops may be formed. Increases the maximum number of employees that a participating employer can have from 500 to 2,500 and adds language that states health purchasing groups "shall utilize a licensed insurance producer" to obtain insurance for the group.

"Oxy" Dealers (H.B. 5250/PA 97-997): Provides for increased penalties for dealing in certain prescription pain killers containing hydrocodone, dihydrocodeinone, dihydrocodeine or oxycodone. Proposed by the Cook County State's Attorney in response to a case in which a Skokie pharmacist charged with diverting about 70,000 prescription pain killer pills faced only a maximum prison penalty of two to five years.

Postsurgical Recovery (H.B. 5050/PA 97-987): Defines "ambulatory surgical treatment center" or "ASTC." Allows patients to be discharged from a postsurgical recovery care center in less than 24 hours if the attending physician or the facility's medical director believes the patient has recovered enough. Provides that blood products may be administered in the postsurgical recovery care center model. Allows a postsurgical recovery care center model to provide sleep laboratory or similar sleep studies.

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