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Legislation Demands Funds Restored to Medical Unit
Posted on: 2/1/2013

ISMS urges Illinois lawmakers to support H.B. 1001, a measure which would restore previously swept monies to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR)'s Medical Disciplinary Fund.

A financial shortfall with this fund prompted IDFPR to reassign employees from this medical unit to other positions, which is now causing a backlog in processing new medical licensure applications. This spells trouble, especially with approximately 2,500 medical school graduates expected to begin training in Illinois hospitals later this year.

ISMS-backed H.B. 1001 would:

  1. Transfer $9.6 million from the General Revenue Fund to the Medical Disciplinary Fund, which would return previously swept monies used to finance other state programs not related to medical licensure and discipline. (With this infusion of funding, the IDRPR Unit would be able to fully operate until the new licensure revenues are received in 2014.)
  2. Increase physician licensure and renewal fees to $500 (a 67 percent increase) to ensure that the Medical Unit is well-funded in the future.
  3. Extend the sunset date of the Medical Practice Act for 10 years for consistency with other regulated professions.

ISMS will keep you informed on the latest developments from Springfield.

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