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Senate Passes Supplemental Appropriation for Medical Disciplinary Fund
Posted on: 1/1/2013

The Illinois Senate approved legislation allowing the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) to transfer up to $9.6 million from professional licensure and other funds it oversees to cover an immediate financial shortfall in the Medical Disciplinary Fund for 2013.  The legislation now goes to the House where it must be approved before being sent to the governor.

While ISMS supports restoring the Medical Disciplinary Fund for the sole purpose of medical licensure and discipline, prior sweeps from this fund have caused the current financial shortfall and, therefore, should be repaid from the General Revenue Fund rather than other professional licensure funds.

IDFPR is proposing a $300 to $500 licensure fee increase to cover both the current shortfall and fund ongoing operations, however, their proposal did not receive consideration this week.

With the next licensure renewal period not occurring until 2014, hiking physician licensure fees now would do nothing to address any short-term needs for the Medical Disciplinary Fund – it would only create a large surplus that would be attractive to raid once again.

The legislation that includes licensure fees, the Medical Practice Act, will sunset on Dec. 31, 2013. ISMS supports a 10-year renewal period to give physicians the stability to continue to invest in their practices.

We will keep you informed of the latest developments in Springfield pertaining to the Medical Practice Act and licensure fees. Stay tuned!

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