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Docs Say No to ICD-10 Implementation
Posted on: 1/1/2013

ISMS joined 81 other state and national medical societies urging the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to stop the implementation of ICD-10.

The burdens that would be imposed by implementing ICD-10 would force many physicians with small practices out of business and would create hardship on all practices - with no direct benefit to patient care.

The number of diagnostic codes will increase by five times under ICD-10. An amednews.com editorial gave the example that the number of codes for a fractured kneecap will increase from two to 480! And depending on the size of the medical practice, costs for implementing ICD-10 could range from $83,290 to more than $2.7 million.

The number of financial, technological and operational challenges that physicians already face in today's medical climate is staggering. Heaping ICD-10 on top of other numerous overlapping federal regulatory requirements could only have a negative impact on patients.

This communiqué addresses ISMS' Resolution 209, adopted at the 2012 American Medical Association (AMA) Interim Meeting, urging CMS to eliminate the implementation of ICD-10.



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