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President's Message: Keeping Pace Program Exemplifies Cutting Edge CME with Flexible Learning Options
Eldon A. Trame, MD
ISMS President
Eldon A. Trame, MD  

ISMS is excited to offer a new hybrid CME option through our Keeping Pace meeting series. On February 28 in Oak Brook and March 12 in Springfield, we are gathering a group of local and national experts to address evolutions in care coordination and how to stay ahead of the practice curve. In addition to these live programs, we are offering five related on-demand courses.

Physicians or anyone from your office team can choose to attend a live event or view similar programs on-demand 24/7. Participants who sign-up for both the live and online programs receive additional discounts beyond the low priced option provided to members. A list of the Keeping Pace on-demand programs appears below in this column.

Even if your practice is well down the care coordination road, the Keeping Pace events offer significant value. Examples for who can benefit include:

  • A midsize family medicine group recently recognized by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) can access Keeping Pace for insights on maintaining their status, peeking around the corner for a glimpse of what's to come, and maximizing efficiencies for working with referral groups.
  • A surgeon who receives the bulk of his or her referrals from primary care offices will better understand how to coordinate follow-up, so that the primary care offices can meet their patient population management goals.
  • A small primary care group that hasn't engaged in the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) recognition stages can break the ice by exploring the stressor points prior to initiating the recognition process. The group may be assessing whether there is a need to hire physician extenders and additional staff to meet its goals.

These are but a few examples of why someone from your practice should participate in a Keeping Pace event. Don't miss this opportunity.

ISMS thanks the American Academy of Pediatrics Illinois Chapter, Illinois Academy of Family Physicians, and Illinois Osteopathic Medical Society for partnerig on the Keeping Pace events.

Send your questions and comments to DrTrame@isms.org.

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