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Illinois’ Delayed Payment for Medical Care
Statement from Nestor A. Ramirez, MD, MPH, President, Illinois State Medical Society

Illinois' backlog of bills for medical care has been a point of concern for many physicians. Unfortunately, this not a new problem. While the Medicaid backlog has been growing under the budget impasse, delayed payment for care provided to state employees has also been a serious problem for nearly a decade. Illinois physicians who treat both state employees and Medicaid patients are hit with a double load of delayed payment, and these doctors don't have many good choices. We've heard from members who have sold off practices due to financial concerns, taken out loans to cover expenses and others who have had to limit the number of patients they treat by the type of insurance they carry. While the recent release of state funds to pay down some longstanding Medicaid bills was a dose of good news, significant challenges remain.


Founded in 1840, ISMS is a professional membership association representing Illinois physicians in all medical specialties, and their patients, statewide. Dr. Ramirez is a neonatologist based in Champaign, IL.

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