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Court Decision Places Confidentiality of Healthcare Credentialing in Harm's Way
Statement from Illinois State Medical Society President Scott Cooper, MD

Chicago, IL -- Illinos' already notorious legal reputation took yet another blow today. Illinois physicians are deeply disappointed by the Illinois Supreme Court's decision in Klaine v. Southern Illinois Hospital Services, which will harm patient care in our state.

The case centers on whether confidential and privileged information collected through the medical staff credentialing process can be discovered in a lawsuit. The court's opinion wrongly ignores confidentiality protections established through law. With this decision, it will be difficult for health care professionals to engage in an open and honest credentialing process, threatening ongoing efforts to improve patient care and safe health care practices.

Medical staff credentialing confidentiality is critical because it allows health care professionals to thoroughly and candidly review and assess the quality of medical care. As Illinois seeks to attract and retain a skilled medical workforce and promote high-quality care, our legal and professional standards must be up to those same high standards. This decision is a significant step in the wrong direction.


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