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Ending Childhood Obesity Epidemic
Ending Childhood Obesity Epidemic
A message to corporate America from Illinois physicians: Become a part of the solution to the childhood obesity epidemic

Statement of Wayne V. Polek, M.D., President, Illinois State Medical Society

Chicago, IL – Illinois physicians are sounding the alarm for help in response to America’s childhood obesity epidemic. Obesity is often a precursor to other health conditions and diseases, and childhood obesity levels have tripled over the last three decades – a shocking trend when health care costs are also out of control.

The attention that this crisis has recently received is positive and has led to some necessary dialogue over food consumption. Much work remains, however; reducing obesity levels among children should be a priority for all stakeholders, including corporate food producers and food chains.

Several companies have responded to the call from physicians and parents for more sensible food choices for kids. This includes offering fresh fruits, vegetables and milk as an alternative to french fries, sugary drinks or other unhealthy selections. Companies that have implemented these changes deserve acknowledgement for their efforts, but we can all do more.

Illinois doctors are asking corporate food producers to discontinue marketing incentives that encourage the consumption of unhealthy food. It is one critical step in preventing obese children from becoming obese adults.

Please join ISMS in working to address the childhood obesity epidemic.

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