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The Illinois State Medical Society (ISMS) has implemented a new dues structure for its Group Members. Under this new dues structure, all physician members practicing in a group are entitled to a discount of ISMS membership dues based on the size of the group. These discounts are applied on a flat-rate, tiered basis dependent upon the number of physicians in the group overall. Also, in addition to economically integrated groups, the program can now be utilized by other physician entities such as hospital medical staffs, medical school faculty, and independent practice associations.

  • "Group members” are those physicians practicing within a group eligible for and receiving a reduction in dues, as determined by the Board of Trustees. Examples of groups include economically-integrated physician groups, hospital medical staffs, medical school faculty, IPAs, and medical specialty societies.

  • Discount is based on the size of the group/entity, in a tiered format, with the discount offered as a flat rate for each group size. The group member pricing tiers are as follows:
Individual Membership in ISMS is $570
Group Size Volume Discount
2-9 physicians 10% per physician ($513 for each group member)
10-15 physicians $5,000
16-25 physicians $7,750
26-50 physicians $12,500
51-99 physicians  $24,000
100-199 physicians  $42,000
200-299 physicians  $75,000
300-499 physicians  $90,000
500-750 physicians  $120,000
751-999 physicians  $160,000
1,000-2,499 physicians  $200,000
2,500-5,000 physicians  $350,000
5,001+ physicians  $475,000

  • The discounts cover all individuals within the group and all categories of membership. As such, no other ISMS discounts are applied (e.g. part-time or first four years in practice).

  • Any individual member can have only one group/entity discount applied. For example, someone who is both a member of a participating group and a participating medical staff would be provided only one discount, that being whichever is the greater discount of the two.

  • To process a group’s membership, certain information will be required – including physician names, contact information (such as email addresses to allow for online account access), etc. This information will be used to distribute important member benefit information. All information provided is confidential, and members can opt-out of receiving communications at any time.

For further information on the Group Member program, or if you are a current ISMS Group Member with member benefit-related questions, please contact John-Michael Dyer, Marketing and Outreach Specialist, via email at john-michaeldyer@isms.org, or by phone at (312) 580-6472.

For current ISMS Group Members with billing or membership-related questions, please contact Kris Johnson, ISMS Director of Membership Services, via email at krisjohnson@isms.org, or by phone at either (312) 782-1654 ext. 6441 or (800) 782-4767.

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