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2018 Virtual Reference Committee

  • Help inform the debate at the 2018 ISMS House of Delegates. Members are invited to offer comments on resolutions that will be considered and voted upon on April 21 and 22.

    Resolutions assigned to Reference Committees B and C (numbered B200-B221 and C300-C328, respectively).

    ISMS members may view and submit comments on any of these resolutions; after legal review, comments will be posted on this site and provided to the members of the reference committee.

    Testimony on resolutions assigned to Reference Committee A will only be accepted in person at the House of Delegates meeting.

    Reminder: Only ISMS members may post comments.

  • Health System Reform

    Resolution B200 (A-18) - Use of HSA's for Direct Primary Care

    Resolution B203 (A-18) - Healthcare Financing System Survey of Illinois Physicians

    Resolution B208 (A-18) - An Evaluation of the Impact of National Proposals to Change Health Care Insurance in Illinois

    Resolution B214 (A-18) - Disadvantages of Single Payer Health Care

    Resolution B215 (A-18) - Reforms Possible to Reduce Healthcare Costs and Improve Quality at Little Cost


    Medical Workforce


    Resolution C300 (A-18) - RN and APRN Automatic Universal Licensure in Compact States

    Resolution C311 (A-18) - AMA to Explore Privately Funded Residency Training Programs

    Resolution C315 (A-18) - "Retired" Physicians as Community Assets

    Resolution C318 (A-18) - Temporary Licensure Category for Graduates of International Medical Schools

    Resolution C319 (A-18) - Retired MD

    Resolution C325 (A-18) - Support for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Medical Students and Residents

    Resolution C328 (A-18) - Physicians-to-PAs Ratio


    Drugs and Prescribing

    Resolution B201 (A-18) - Accuracy and Accountability of Physician Compensation Reporting by Drug and Device Companies

    Resolution B204 (A-18) - Reform of Pharmaceutical Pricing: Negotiated Payment Schedules

    Resolution B207 (A-18) - Prescription Drug Importation

    Resolution B206 (A-18) - Automating PDM and PBM within the Electronic Medical Record

    Resolution B211 (A-18) - Prescription Drug Costs

    Resolution B217 (A-18) - Prior Authorization

    Resolution C305 (A-18) - Direct Dispensing of Generic Medications

    Resolution C313 (A-18) - Medicine Cabinet Safety

    Resolution C320 (A-18) - Medication Assisted Treatments (MAT)

    Resolution C322 (A-18) - Opioid Prescription Safety

    Resolution C324 (A-18) - Opioid Education for New Trainees

    Resolution C326 (A-18) - Treating Opioid Use Disorder in Hospitals

    Resolution C327 (A-18) -  Treating Opioid Use Disorder in Treatment Facilities



    Resolution B202 (A-18) - Reversing the Insurance Policy of Reduced Reimbursement for E&M Encounters that Include Procedures with Modifier 25 Codes

    Resolution B218 (A-18) - Possible Insurance Company Fraud/Abuse

    Resolution B220 (A-18) -  Out of Network


    Medical Legal


    Resolution B209 (A-18) - Cloud-based Repository Advance Directives

    Resolution B212 (A-18) - Workplace Demeanor

    Resolution B213 (A-18) - Ineffective NPDB

    Resolution B219 (A-18) - Medical Advertising

    Resolution B221 (A-18) - Changing the Paradigm: Empowering Physicians Through Negotiation and Legislation

    Resolution C306 (A-18) - Abused and Neglected Children Reporting Act


    Medical Services

    Resolution B210 (A-18) - Costs to Kidney Donors

    Resolution C301 (A-18) - The Illinois Cranial Anticoagulation Reversal (ICARE) Initiative

    Resolution C302 (A-18) - Engage and Collaborate with the Joint Commission

    Resolution C303 (A-18) -  Supporting Trauma-Informed Care and Services for Victim-Survivors of Human Trafficking

    Resolution C308 (A-18) - Blindness Prevention

    Resolution C310 (A-18) - Funding Treatment for Victims of Domestic Violence

    Resolution C321 (A-18) - Avoiding Unnecessary, Costly and Deleterious Healthcare Daily Operational Changes

    Resolution C323 (A-18) - Improving the Handling of In-Flight Medical Emergencies (IFME)


    Public Health


    Resolution B205 (A-18) - Mandatory Influenza Vaccination Policies for Healthcare Workers

    Resolution C304 (A-18) - Tax on Soda and Sweetened Beverages

    Resolution C307 (A-18) - Milk

    Resolution C309 (A-18) - Carbon Dioxide Burial

    Resolution C312 (A-18) - Elimination of Hepatitis C in Illinois  

    Resolution C314 (A-18) - Quarry Water Contamination

    Resolution C316 (A-18) - Product Date Labels

    Resolution C317 (A-18) - Skin Compounds


    State Income Tax

    Resolution B216 (A-18) -  Oppose Progressive Income Tax for Illinois - Support Meaningful Reform of State Spending to Eliminate Need for Higher Taxes

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