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  • Introduced by: Gregory Adamson, MD, James M. Jeffries, III, MD, FACS, J. Eric Lomax, MD, Jennifer Thompson, MD, and Frank Russo, MD, Delegates, for Peoria Medical Society

    Subject: Avoiding Unnecessary, Costly and Deleterious Healthcare Daily Operational Changes

    Referred to: Reference Committee C

    Whereas, healthcare workers are being asked to do more and more data entry; including separate healthcare workers entering the exact same data several times in the same chart; and 

    Whereas, this reality is worsening; nurses in our regional hospitals report 1/3rdor more of their time is spent documenting and doctors also are spending more and more of their time in front of computer screens; and 

    Whereas other laws have been passed and regulations imposed which have a significant  “red tape”/deleterious influence on our ability to spend time with our patients, hamstringing the practice of medicine; and 

    Whereas, statistical outliers from normative values would be better addressed by appropriate specific oversight, rather than a blanket approach applied to all healthcare providers; and

    Whereas, many laws have been passed and regulations imposed that make all physicians change their practice routine, rather than addressing the real concern, the statistical outliers; and

    Whereas, all of the above take away our time to render care to patients, making such laws and regulations often unintentionally lead to poorer patient outcomes; therefore, be it 

    RESOLVED, that ISMS introduce legislation requiring any law that is being considered regarding a substantial change in the practice of medicine be studied carefully by professionals familiar with operations management; and be it further 

    RESOLVED, that no law should be passed without clearly understanding how it may hamper the delivery of true healthcare to our patients.

    Existing ISMS policy related to this issue:

    Physicians should not be solely responsible for data entry, coding and management of the use of electronic medical record systems. (HOD 2017) 

    The Illinois State Medical Society and its House of Delegates shall concentrate its political, legal, and public relations efforts on the correction of the professional and financial difficulties of practicing physicians, in order to protect the viability of the profession of medicine in Illinois, in accordance with its constitution and bylaws. (HOD 2006)


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    Clarence W. Brown, Jr., M.D. I favor this resolution

    I agree with the intent of the resolution. 

    More broadly than what is represented in the resolution I support exploring alternatives to conventional typed EMR's.  I encourage consideration be given to permitting video and audio taping to be included in the electronic record so as to diminish the burden of manual entry of data.

    Clarence W. Brown

    Apr 20, 2018 at 5:55 p.m.

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