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  • Introduced by: Raymond A. Dieter, MD, Delegate, for DuPage County Medical Societyy

    Subject: Medicine Cabinet Safety

    Referred to: Reference Committee C

    Whereas, medicine cabinets and storage closets in American homes frequently contain medications and remedies that can have harmful or deadly effects if used inappropriately; and

    Whereas, the packaging for these medications and remedies typically warns that the product should be kept out of the reach of children, a recognition of the great danger they represent; and

    Whereas, many people underestimate the potential dangers of these products and fail to store them securely; therefore, be it

    RESOLVED, that the Illinois State Medical Society promote dissemination of information on safely and securely storing medications and remedies.

    Existing ISMS policy related to this issue:

    NOTE: ISMS is aggressively engaged across numerous fronts to raise opioid awareness. Our efforts have centered on medication disposal, safe prescribing, addiction treatment, use of the prescription monitoring program, reversing overdose and other aspects of addressing the opioid crisis. ISMS leaders have been featured in dozens of print, radio and television interviews on a range of opioid-related topics. In addition, ISMS engaged in an aggressive earned media campaign with our letters and guest editorials appearing in newspapers statewide. ISMS-developed public service announcements are currently airing on Illinois radio stations. ISMS mailed 13,000 printed kits promoting medication disposal to Illinois physicians. Our web and social media resources include downloadable resources for both physicians and patients. In addition, we’ve promoted dozens of opioid prescribing courses, including several developed and provided at no cost by ISMS. Our visible leadership has helped ISMS engage lawmakers and other stakeholders seeking legislative solutions to address the opioid epidemic.

    Board of Trustees approved the following actions:

    1. That ISMS continue to develop its Policy Paper for transmittal to the House Heroin Task Force;
    2. That ISMS continue to offer education to our members to increase awareness about appropriate prescribing of opioids and other pain medications;
    3. That ISMS work with other relevant medical societies to increase education and awareness efforts around appropriate prescribing of pain medications;
    4. That ISMS express its support for a robust state Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) that provides easily accessible, real-time information about a patient’s prescription history, allows a physician to designate an in-office agent who can access the PMP on the physician’s behalf, and encourages integration of the PMP into electronic health records, in order to expedite its ease of use;
    5. That ISMS support legislative efforts that facilitate greater availability and use of naloxone, and expand existing “Good Samaritan” protections for those prescribing or administering naloxone;
    6. That ISMS oppose any legislation that mandates CME requirements specific to pain medication prescribing or adherence to treatment guidelines when prescribing Schedule II medications; and
    7. That ISMS urge the Illinois Departments of Public Health, Healthcare & Family Services, Insurance, the Illinois State Police and other relevant state agencies to increase awareness and coordination of appropriate drug disposal programs, in light of changes in federal regulations.

    (BOT 2014-OCT)

    Board of Trustees approved the patient safety brochure on medication safety. (BOT 2010-JUN)


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