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  • Introduced by: Raymond A. Dieter, MD, Delegate, for DuPage County Medical Society

    Subject: Carbon Dioxide Burial

    Referred to: Reference Committee C

    Whereas, carbon dioxide is a potent factor affecting climate change; and

    Whereas, newer efforts to limit carbon dioxide emissions include burying large quantities of it underground, despite a lack of knowledge about the long term implications of such burial1; therefore, be it

    RESOLVED, that the Illinois State Medical Society work to establish American Medical Association policy that will advocate for developing programs to safeguard water and food as part of efforts to sequester carbon dioxide through burial. 

    1 http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/ct-met-decatur-plant-carbon-storage-20171024-story.html

    Existing ISMS policy related to this issue:

    ISMS encourages Illinois governmental officials to prepare now and lead the development of plans to address the anticipated health challenges that will result as weather grows more extreme and our environment is challenged as a result of climate change. (HOD 2015)

    House of Delegates adopted Substitute Resolution 34 (A-06), which directed that the ISMS request the AMA to 1) urge all physicians to learn more about the changes due to global warming; 2) urge both public and private sectors in the United States to advance policies that reduce reliance on fossil fuels and promote alternative clean and safe energy technologies; 3) urge the President of the United States to take steps to curb greenhouse emissions and work with other nations to address the dangers of global climate change through binding reduction targets for emissions; and 4) organize a task force representative of its membership to investigate global warming issues and propose programs and policies for action. (HOD 2006)


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