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  • Introduced by: Raymond A. Dieter, MD, Delegate, for DuPage County Medical Society

    Subject: Blindness Prevention

    Referred to: Reference Committee C

    Whereas, some 50,000 Americans become blind annually, nearly half from treatable and preventable causes; and

    Whereas, the number of Americans going blind is expected to double due to an increase in diabetes and the aging of the population; therefore, be it

    RESOLVED, that the Illinois State Medical Society promote greater dissemination of information which may aid in the prevention of blindness and advocate for insurance coverage of preventive eye exams.

    Existing ISMS policy and action related to this issue:

    ISMS supports development of appropriate Medicare reimbursement methodologies for all aspects of medical treatment, including preventive care, based upon the actual costs of service provision plus a reasonable and rational margin which makes it practical for physicians to provide their services. (HOD 2002; Reaffirmed 2017; Last BOT Review 2014)

    It is the policy of ISMS to support Medicare reimbursement for a periodic medical evaluation for all Medicare beneficiaries regardless of health as supported by an accepted medical standard to be reimbursed up to a level 5 office visit evaluation & management service and that lipid screening and diabetes screening be covered periodically as supported by an accepted medical standard for asymptomatic patients in addition to those screening procedures already approved for reimbursement. (HOD 2001; Last BOT Review 2014) 


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    Nestor A. Ramirez, M.D. I am neutral or just offering a comment

    Good topic.
    Resolution is too general and nonspecific.
    Non-operational as there are no defined stated goals

    Apr 13, 2018 at 4:01 p.m.

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