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  • Introduced by: Raymond A. Dieter, MD, Delegate, for DuPage County Medical Society

    Subject: Prescription Drug Costs

    Referred to: Reference Committee B

    Whereas, the cost of prescription medications in the United States continues to escalate; and

    Whereas, increasingly unaffordable drugs may potentially prevent the elderly and the sickest from obtaining and using the medications they need; therefore, be it

    RESOLVED, that the Illinois State Medical Society advocate for changes that could help lower prescription drug costs, including the following:

    1. Allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices
    2. Permitting more FDA-approved drugs to be safely imported
    3. Fostering easier drug comparisons and more transparency in pricing.

    Existing ISMS policy related to this issue:

    It is the policy of ISMS to continue to work with appropriate state agencies, the pharmaceutical industry, and our congressional delegation to improve access to a broad range of affordable prescription drug products and promote awareness of the availability of low cost drug programs for needy seniors. (HOD 2002; Last BOT Review 2014) 

    ISMS encourages changes in U.S. law to permit Medicare to negotiate prices for prescription drugs with pharmaceutical manufacturers. (HOD 2016)

    House of Delegates adopted Resolution 30 (A-03), as editorially amended, which directed that the Illinois State Medical Society analyze current state and federal regulations governing the importation of prescription drugs, and that the ISMS develop educational materials explaining federal and state law with respect to foreign prescription drug importation written in consumer-friendly language, and that these materials be distributed to ISMS members upon request, and that the ISMS urge the American Medical Association to pursue the development of consumer friendly federal policies on drug importation. (HOD 2003)

    House of Delegates adopted Resolution 29 (A-04), which directed that the Illinois State Medical Society ask the American Medical Association to endorse appropriate testing and labeling of drugs imported by individuals for their personal use to assure safety and efficiency; and that the Illinois State Medical Society seek AMA affirmation of the procurement and use of medications from non-U.S. sources by residents of the United States once the safety of those drugs is assured. (HOD 2004)

    Board of Trustees adopted Substitute Resolution 20 (A-04) in lieu of Resolutions 20 and 45 (A-04), which were referred to the Board for decision: That, in recognition of the national scope of the drug importation issue and the AMA’s policy stance adopted at its 2004 interim meeting, the ISMS continue to monitor the actions of the AMA regarding drug importation and report back to the House as appropriate. (BOT 2005-JAN)

    Board of Trustees did not adopt Resolution 21 (A-05), Importation of Pharmaceuticals in I-Save-Rx Program, which was referred to the Board for decision. (BOT 2006-JAN)

    ISMS supports re-evaluation of FDA guidelines for clinical trials of antibiotics, including an increase in the period of patent protection, and giving antibiotics priority review. (HOD 2012)

    House of Delegates adopted Res. 26 (A-99) which directed the ISMS delegation to the AMA to introduce a resolution calling on the AMA to review the sudden and significant rate increases in the generic drug industry with the American Pharmacy Association, the appropriate trade associations representing generic drug manufacturers and other appropriate entities and bring any inappropriate marketing, dispensing or incentive practices to the attention of appropriate regulatory agencies. (HOD 1999)


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