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A Dose of Good News: Governor Rauner Vetoes Hepatitis C Screening Mandate

Thank you, Governor Rauner …

Recently, at ISMS’ urging, Governor Rauner vetoed a badly flawed state legislative proposal that would have required physicians to offer Hepatitis C virus (HCV) screening to patients born between 1945 and 1965.  This mandate would have applied to physicians and other health care professionals conducting "comprehensive physical examinations."

ISMS has lobbied fiercely against this bill. We sent a letter to the governor urging his veto; our forceful advocacy was evident in the Governor’s veto message

All this is great newsbut the battle is not yet over.

While Governor Rauner has vetoed SB 661, the General Assembly (starting with the Illinois Senate) has the power to override his decision. This could occur at any timeafter state lawmakers return to Springfield on September 9th … through the end of this year.

ISMS members:  Please contact your state senators as soon as possible in their district offices. Thank those who have opposed SB 661, and work to persuade those who supported the mandate to reconsider their position. Click here to view our detailed legislative alert and to connect to your state senator.

For ISMS resources and information on Hep C screening guidelines, click here. ISMS thanks you, our loyal members, for supporting our advocacy to resist a statewide Hep C mandate. We’ll continue to provide you with the latest information and updates as they are available.

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