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List of Accredited CME Providers

  • Listed below are the organizations that are accredited by the Illinois State Medical Society to provide continuing medical education to physicians. Click on an organization’s name to view its contact information. Questions or updates should be directed to Evelyn Calhoun at evelyncalhoun@isms.org.

  •  Advocate Sherman/Presence Saint Joseph CME Consortium
    1425 N. Randall Road, Elgin, IL 60123

    Christine Mueller, MD
    phone: 1-224-783-8130
    fax: 1-224-783-2852
    email: chris@winsauer.com
    mail: 1425 North Randall Road, Elgin, IL  60123

    Sunil Joseph, MD
    phone: 1-224-783-8130
    fax: 1-224-783-2852
    email: Suniljoseph72@hotmail.com 
    mail: 77 N. Airlite Street, Elgin, IL 60123
    Susan Anderson
    CME Coordinator
    phone: 1-847-695-3200 x5385
    fax: 1-847-888-3532
    email: susan.anderson@presencehealth.org
    mail: 77 N. Airlite Street, Elgin, IL 60123

    Jessica Whaley
    CME Coordinator
    phone: 1-224-783-8130
    fax: 1-224-783-2852
    email: jessica.whaley@advocatehealth.com   
     Alexian Brothers Health System CME Consortium
    800 Biesterfield Road, Elk Grove Village, IL  60007      

    Paul Deane
    Manager Medical Library and Continuing Education 
    phone: 1-847-437-5500 x4750
    fax: 1-847-894-3227
    email: paul.deane@alexian.net
    Lynwood Jones, M.D.
    Chairman, CME Committee
    phone: 1-847-437-5500 x4750
    fax: 1-847-981-5336
    email: ida3694@yahoo.com
     Amita Health Adventist Medical Centers
    120 N. Oak Street Hinsdale, IL 60521

    Daniel Hunter-Smith, M.D.
    Chair, Regional CME Committee
    phone: 1-708-245-9000     
    fax: 1-708-245-5604
    email: daniel.hunter-smith@ahss.org 
    mail:  5101 S. Willow Springs Rd, LaGrange, IL  60525
    Susan Marshall
    Regional Manager, CME
    phone: 1-708-245-8050
    fax: 1-708-245-5678
    email: susan.marshall@ahss.org
    mail: 5101 S. Willow Springs Rd, LaGrange, IL 60525
     Blessing Hospital
    Broadway at 14th Street, Quincy, IL 62301

    Gary Carpenter, M.D.
    Committee Chairman
    phone: 1-217-222-6550 x3424
    email: gcarpenter@quincymedgroup.com
    mail:Quincy Medical Group, 1025 Maine, Quincy, IL 62301
    Patty Loeffler
    Administrative Director, Education
    phone:1-217-223-8400 x4832
    fax: 1-217-223-6003
    email: patty.loeffler@blessinghealthsystem.org
    mail: 3rd FL, P.O. Box 7005, Quincy, IL 62305
     Carle Foundation Hospital
    611 W. Park Street, Urbana, IL 61801

    Robert Healy, M.D.
    Program Director
    phone: 1-217-326-1834 
    email: Robert.Healy@carle.com 
    Jessica L. Burkybile, MSN, RN-BC, CPN
    CME and Nursing Education Coordinator
    phone: 1-217-383-4647
    fax: 1-217-383-4601 
    email: jessica.Burkybile@carle.com
     Centegra Health System
    4201 Medical Center Drive, McHenry, IL 60050

    Z. Ted Lorenc, MD
    Director, CME
    phone: 1-815-482-8520
    fax: 1-815-759-8154
    email: zlorenc@centegra.com  
    Edie Best
    CME & Medical Student Coordinator
    phone: 1-815-759-8151
    fax: 1-815-759-8154
    email: ebest@centegra.com 
     Central Illinois Neuroscience Foundation
    1015 S. Mercer, Bloomington, IL 61701

    Ann R. Stroink, MD
    Director, CME
    phone: 1-309-663-1522
    fax: 1-309-663-2344
    email: arstroink@aol.com  
    Jennifer Troyanovich
    Executive Director
    phone: 1-309-663-1522
    fax: 1-309-663-2344
    email: jtroyanovich@cinf.org
     Clinical Radiologists
    3050 Montvale, Suite A, Springfield, IL 62704

    Mary A. Ludolph, M.D.
    Chair, Education & Outreach
    phone: 1-217-726-8096
    fax: 1-217-726-3361
    email: ludolphm@clinicalradiologist.com 
    Cheryl Noller
    CME Coordinator/QA Technologist
    phone: 1-217-726-3383
    fax: 1-217-726-3361
    email: nollerc@clinicalradiologist.com  
     Community First Medical Center
    Irfan Mirza, MD
    Co-Chair, CME Committee
    phone: 1-630-487-6083
    email: iamirza@aol.com

    Vishnu Chundi, MD
    Co-Chair, CME Committee
    phone: 1-773-466-7715
    fax: 1-773-794-7695
    email: vvc820@gmail.com 
    Parrish Moore    
    CME Coordinator
    phone: 1-773-794-8302     
    fax: 1-773-527-4686     
    email: pmoore@cfmedicalcenter.com
     Edward-Elmhurst Healthcare
    801 South Washington Street, Naperville, IL 60540

    Susan M. Fedinec, D.O.
    Chairman, Program & Education Committee
    phone: 1-815-676-2940
    fax: 1-815-676-2942
    email: sfedinec@edward.org

    Jamie Price, BA, MS
    Manager, Edward-Elmhurst CME & Edward Physician Services
    phone: 1-630-527-3659
    fax: 1-630-548-7683
    email: jprice@edward.org 

    Kim Shea, BA, MA
    CME Assistant
    phone: 1-331-221-3243 
    fax: 1-630-548-1560      
    email: kshea @emhc.org 
     Gottlieb Memorial Hospital
    701 W. North Avenue, Melrose Park, IL 60160

    George Naratadam, D.O.     
    Chair, CME
    phone: 1-708-538-5031
    fax: 1-708-538-5973
    email: gnaratadam@yahoo.com 
    Janet Bolonik
    Director, CME
    phone: 1-708-538-5031
    fax: 1-708-538-5973
    email: janet_bolonik@luhs.org 
     Holy Cross Hospital
    2701 W. 68th Street, Chicago, IL 60629

    Jacqueline Arteaga, MD
    Chair of the CME Committee 
    phone: 1-773-884-1662
    fax: 1-773-884-8019 
    email: Jacqueline.arteaga@sinai.org
    Leslie Tatara
    Medical Staff Office Assistant
    phone: 1-773-884-1664
    fax: 1-773-884-8019
    email: leslie.tatara@sinai.org 
     Illinois Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics
    1400 W. Hubbard Street, #100, Chicago, IL 60642

    Kimberly Glow, M.D.
    CME Committee Member
    phone:  217-333-2711
    email: kimberlyglow67@gmail.com
    Kathy Sanabria
    Associate Executive Director
    phone: 1-312-733-1026 ext 208
    fax: 1-312-733-1791
    email: ksanabria@illinoisaap.com 
     Illinois Heart and Lung Foundation
    1302 Franklin, Suite 4500, Normal, IL 61761

    John Burr, MD
    CME Director
    phone: 1-309-556-8306
    fax: 1-309-556-8292
    email: john.burr@advocatehealth.com 
    Kathi Franklin
    Executive Director
    phone: 1-309-556-8306 x1
    fax: 1-309-556-8292
    email: kfranklin@ihlf.org 
     Ingalls Memorial Hospital
    One Ingalls Drive, Harvey, IL 60426

    Shankar Sanwalani, MD
    Chairman, CME Committee
    phone: 1-708-333-2300
    email: shankarcsan@yahoo.com 
    Elaine DeYoung 
    Director, Cancer Registry 
    phone: 1-708-915-6883 
    fax: 1-708-915-3107 
    email: edeyoung@ingalls.org

    Debbie Johnson
    Manager, Medical Staff Office
    phone: 1-708-915-6262
    fax: 1-708-915-6058
    email:  debbjohnson@ingalls.org
     Kishwaukee Health System
    One Kishwaukee Hospital Drive, P.O. Box 707, DeKalb, IL 60115

    Todd R. Barrowclift, D.O.
    Director, CME
    phone: 1-815-756-1521 x153440    
    fax: 1-815-756-7665
    email: tbarrowclift@kishhospital.org  
    Debbie Mitchell
    CME Administrative Assistant
    phone: 1-815-756-1521 x153440     
    fax: 815-756-7665
    email: dmitchell@kishhealth.org 
     Louis A. Weiss Memorial Hospital
    4646 N. Marine Drive, Chicago, IL 60640

    Olumuyiwa Idowu, M.D.
    Chairman, CME Committee
    phone: 1-773-871-5150
    fax: 1-773-871-5153
    email: oluidowu@hotmail.com
    Karen Maylone
    Medical Staff Services 
    phone: 1-773-564-5216 
    fax:  1-773-564-521 
    email: kmaylone@weisshospital.com 
     MacNeal Hospital
    3249 S. Oak Park Avenue, Berwyn, IL 60402

    Guido Grasso-Knight, M.D.
    Chair, CME Committee
    phone: 1-708-783-2118
    email: ggrassok@macneal.com 
    Krystyna Walsher
    CME Supervisor
    phone: 1-708-783-0002
    fax: 1-708-783-3770     
    email: kwalsher@macneal.com 
     Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital
    26W171 Roosevelt Road, Wheaton, IL 60187

    Mary Keen, MD
    Chairperson, CME Committee
    phone: 1-630-909-7014
    fax: 1-630-909-7039
    email: mkeen@marianjoy.org
    Yana Spedale
    phone: 1-630-909-7290
    fax: 1-630-909-7291
    email: yspedale@marianjoy.org 
     Memorial Hospital
    4500 Memorial Drive, Belleville, IL 62226-3399

    Edward S. Bolesta, MD
    CME Chair
    phone: 1-618-257-5085
    fax: 1-618-257-6068
    email: bolestae@slu.edu

    Merella Schandl
    Manager, CME, Medical Affairs & Library Services
    phone: 1-618-257-5654
    fax: 1-618-257-6946
    email: mschandl@memhosp.com  

    Amanda Pankey
    CME Coordinator
    phone: 1-618-257-4763
    fax: 1-618-257-6946
    email: apankey@memhosp.com  
     Mercy Hospital & Medical Center
    2525 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60616

    Sharon Handelsman, M.D.      
    CME Committee Chairman
    phone: 1-312-567-2000           
    fax: 1-312-328-7741           
    email: sharhand50@aol.com

    Karen Snitchler
    Cancer Registrar/CME Coordinator
    phone: 1-312-567-2609
    fax: 1-312-567-6189      
    email: ksnitchler@mercy-chicago.org 
    Deborah Swanson
    CME Coordinator
    phone:  312-567-2182
    fax:  312-328-7741
    email: Deborah.Swanson@mercy-chicago.org 
     Northwest Community Healthcare
    800 West Central Road, Arlington Heights, IL 60005

    Lucy Hammerberg, MD
    Chief Quality Office         
    phone: 1-847-618-4384     
    fax: 1-847-618-5669
    email: lhammerber@nch.org  
    Elizabeth Schuett    
    CME Coordinator     
    phone: 1-847-618-4371 
    fax: 1-847-618-4369
    email: eschuett@nch.org  
     Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital and Northwestern Medicine Delnor Hospital
    25 N. Winfield Road, Winfield, IL 60190

    Kevin King, MD
    CME Medical Director
    phone: 1-630-207-1899
    fax: 1-630-232-7011
    email: kmking87@gmail.com 
    Grace Gregory
    CME & Quality Performance Program Manager
    phone: 1-630-933-5351
    fax: 1-630-933-2700
    email: grace.gregoryl@cadencehealth.org
     Norwegian American Hospital
    1044 North Francisco Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622

    Rafael Campanini, MD
    Chairman, CME
    phone: 1-773-292-8330
    fax: 1-773-292-8237
    email: rcampanini@nahospital.org  
    Janethe Polo
    CME Education Coordinator
    phone: 1-773-292 8200 x4670
    fax: 1-773-292-8237
    email: jpolo@nahospital.org
     OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center
    5666 East State Street, Rockford, IL 61108-2472

    Charles Welford, MDInterim Chair, Medical Education/Library Committee
    phone: 1-815-395-5190
    fax: 1-815-395-5069
    email: sonia.pofelski@osfhealthcare.org   
    Sonia Pofelski 
    Medical Education Coordinator
    phone: 1-815-395-5190
    fax: 1-815-395-5069
    email: sonia.pofelski@osfhealthcare.org 
     Passavant Area Hospital
    1600 West Walnut Street Jacksonville, IL 62650

    Peter Russotto, DPM
    Chair, CME Committee
    phone: 1-217-243-3668
    fax: 1-217-245-1923
    email: docrjax@aol.com
    mail: 1440 W. Walnut, Jacksonville, IL 62650
    Julie Gound, RN
    CME Coordinator
    phone: 1-217-479-5889
    fax: 1-217-245-0230
    email: gound.julie@mhsil.com 
     Presence Covenant Medical Center
    Vincent Kucich, M.D.         
    Chief Medical Officer         
    phone: 1-217-337-2142     
    fax: 1-217-337-4541
    email: vincent.kucich@presencehealth.org 
    Richard Francis    
    Regional Director of Clinical Education 
    phone: 1-217-337-2380 
    fax: 1-217-337-2853
    email: Richard.francis@presencehealth.org 
     Presence Resurrection Medical Center
    7435 W. Talcott Avenue, Chicago, IL 60631

    Brian Donohue, D.O.
    CME Chair
    phone: 1-773-792-5144     
    fax: 1-773-990-7635     
    email: brian.donohue@presencehealth.org 
    Yolanda Camacho
    phone: 1-773-792-5144     
    fax: 1-773-990-7635
    email: ycamacho2@presencehealth.org 
     Presence Saint Joseph Hospital-Chicago
    2900 N. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60657

    Ernest Nora III, MD
    Chair, CME Committee
    phone: 1-773-665-3411
    fax: 1-773-665-3401
    email: blkhwkse3@aol.com  
    Patricia Hardy
    Director, Academic Affairs
    phone: 1-773-665-3411
    fax: 1-773-665-3401
    email: phardy@presencehealth.org  
     Presence Saint Joseph Medical Center
    333 N. Madison Street Joliet, IL 60435

    Marius Katilius, MD
    Medical Director of CME
    phone: 1-815-773-7831
    fax: 1-815-773-7859  
    Cynthia Delaney
    CME Coordinator
    phone: 1-815-773-7831
    fax: 1-815-773-7859
    email: cynthia.delaney@presencehealth.org 
     Presence Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center
    2233 W. Division Street Chicago, IL 60622

    Michael Friedman, MD
    Director CME
    phone: 1-312-770-2858
    fax: 1-312-770-3204
    email: Mfriedman@presencehealth.org
    Araceli Salgado
    CME Coordinator
    phone: 1-312-770-3081
    fax: 1-312-770-3204
    email: asalgado@presencehealth.org
     Presence United Samaritans Medical Center
    812 N. Logan Avenue, Danville, IL 61832

    Vincent Kucich, M.D.         
    Chief Medical Officer
    phone: 1-217-337-2142     
    fax: 1-217-337-4541     
    email:  vincent.kucich@presencehealth.org 
    Richard Francis
    Regional Director of Clinical Education
    phone: 1-217-337-2380     
    fax: 1-217-337-2853
    email: Richard.francis@presencehealth.org
     Riverside Medical Center
    350 N. Wall Street, Kankakee, IL 60901

    Lisa Zipsie
    Director, Postgraduate Medical Education
    phone: 1-815-928-6264
    fax: 1-815-9936-6971
    email: lisa-zipsie@riversidehealthcare.net
    Linda I. Arthur
    GME Coordinator
    phone: 1-815-928-6274 
    fax: 1-815-928-6266
    email: linda-arthur@riversidehealthcare.net 
     Rockford Health System
    2350 N. Rockton Avenue, Suite LL05, Rockford, IL 61103

    John Rudzinski, MD
    Director of Medical Education
    phone: 1-815-971-7085
    fax: 1-815-971-9364
    email: jrudzinski@rhsnet.org 
    Jane Mordick
    CME Coordinator
    phone: 815-971-7083
    fax: 815-971-9364
    email: jmordick@rhsnet.org 
     Silver Cross Hospital
    1900 Silver Cross Boulevard, New Lenox, IL 60451

    Jose Penaherrera, MD
    CME Medical Director
    phone: 1-815-727-4292
    fax: 1-815-727-5395
    email: locopena@yahoo.com
    mail: 1890 Silver Cross Blvd, Pavillion A, #265
    Marlene Tetyk
    CME Coordinator
    phone: 1-815-300-7491
    fax: 1-815-300-3567
    email: mtetyk@silvercross.org 
     Springfield Clinic
    1025 S. 6th Street, P.O. Box 19248, Springfield, IL 62794-9248

    Beth Steh, MD
    CME Chairperson
    phone: 1-217-528-7541 x43352
    fax: 1-217-527-4747
    email: bsteh@springfieldclinic.com  
    Valerie L. Hall RN
    CME Coordinator
    phone: 1-217-528-7541 x14754
    fax: 1-217-527-4747
    email: vhall@springfieldclinic.com
     Swedish American/A Division of UW Health
    1401 East State Street, Rockford, IL 61104

    John C. Myers, M.D.
    Director of Medical Education
    phone: 1-779-696-7464
    fax: 1-779-696-2463
    email: jmyers@swedishamerican.org

    Stephanie Russell
    Manager, Medical Staff Services 
    phone: 1-779-696-2082
    fax: 1-779-696-2184
    email: srussell@swedishamerican.org
    mail: 1415 East State Street, Camelot Towers
    Claudia Delgado
    Supervisor, Medical Staff Services
    phone: 779-696-2097
    fax: 779-696-2184
    email: cdelgado@swedishamerican.org 
     Swedish Covenant Hospital
    5145 N. California Avenue Chicago, IL 60625

    Hamid Humayun, M.D.
    Chairman, CME Committee
    phone: 1-773-784-2101      
    fax: 1-773-784-0771       
    email: humayuncorp@gmail.com 
    Mirvet Elayyan      
    Credentials/CME Coordinator
    phone: 1-773-293-4940     
    fax: 1-773-989-1626     
    email: melayyan@schosp.org 
     Unity Point Health Trinity
    2701 17th Street, Rock Island, IL 61201

    Paul McLoone, M.D.
    Chief Medical Officer
    phone: 1-309-779-3207
    email: paul.mcloone@unitypoint.org
    Lindsey Remus
    CME Coordinator
    phone: 1-309-779-2834
    fax: 1-309-779-3209
    email: Lindsey.Remus@unitypoint.org
     Vista Health Center East
    1324 N. Sheridan Road, Waukegan, IL 60085

    Dionisio Yorro, M.D.         
    Chairman, CME
    phone: 1-847-360-3000
    fax: 1-847-360-4067
    Kelly Van Fleet, RN
    Chief Quality Officer
    phone: 1-847-360-4003     
    fax: 1-847-360-4109     
    email: Kelley_vanfleet@quorumhealth.com

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